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My Positions on the Issues


Affirm and Protect the Sanctity of Human Life. Recognize the unborn as human with Constitutional Rights to life.


Reduce healthcare costs through transparent competition and tort reform.


Reform the Welfare System to promote family formation, elevating the importance of fatherhood.


Make the 2018 Individual Tax Cuts Permanent. The tax reductions make the USA more competitive in the World creating more high paying jobs.


The Keeping and Bearing of Arms provides for personal security in our homes and places of business.I support restrictions for those who pose a danger to themselves or others by due process.


Promote fair trade and a free enterprise market economy to uplift all Americans. Capitalism, when practiced within our laws and Constitution, provides value and produces wealth.

Our Elections:

Secure our elections through voter ID & assist the states in preventing voter fraud. The current structure allows for persons to be registered in multiple jurisdictions and for an impostor to vote on behalf of a registered voter. 

Voter Rights:

Expand Voter Access for Working U.S. Citizens by amending the Motor Voter Law to include registering U.S. Citizens at their work place.


Work to expose and eliminate government corruption; protect the rights and liberties of all Americans


Promote alternative education funding such as voucher systems to allow our young people to escape failing, dangerous, and hostile schools environments.


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Incumbent Democrat opposed President Trump's Republican Tax Cuts.

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003

After many years the ban on the most brutal of all forms of abortion, knows as Partial Birth Abortion, was finally outlawed in the United States. This procedure was so gruesome that most media in the country refused to even describe it. Yet when it came to a vote in the U.S. Congress Georgia's 13th District Representative David Scott voted against the ban. 

This was a bi-partisan bill as 63 Democrats voted with the overwhelming majority of Republicans in favor of the bill. But David Scott sided with the extreme pro abortion crowd, as he has done with every piece of legislation to move the U.S. towards civilized countries on this issue.

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